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Off The Grid & So In Love

In the heart of the majestic Rocky Mountains, among the pines in Vail, Colorado, a true off-the-grid love story unfolded like a cherished secret waiting to be discovered.

Meet Nick and Cristie, a couple whose journey started from friendship in college and blossomed into a bond as strong as the mountains themselves. Nick, from Israel, and Cristie, from Mexico, were working hard for their Ph.D’s from Maryland. Cristie, an incredible student, during the wedding planning process, was attending Oxford University in London. Not only were they living apart for most of their engagement, but they were simultaneously working hard toward their futures of becoming doctors.

One of the things this couple connected most about was being in the wilderness and nature. So, when they found Piney River Ranch, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Vail, accessible only by a 45 minute drive along a rugged dirt road, they knew immediately this was the place for them to celebrate their marriage.

My personal favorite aspect of their gorgeous day amongst the September leaves, was the intentional lack of reception allowing their guests to disconnect from the outside world through technology and fully immerse themselves in the joyous celebration of love unfolding before them.

As guests gathering around tables adorned with centerpieces crafted with lush moss (also the name of their furry puppy Moss), they were reminded of the timeless beauty of nature nestled with a gorgeous lake and surrounding peaks. After dancing the night away, the festivities continued in glamping tents and cozy cabins along Piney Lake for an unforgettable afterparty under the starlit sky.

Nick and Cristie’s mountain wedding was more than just a celebration of love—it was a testament to the power of connection to the earth. As they embark on this new chapter of their lives together, may their love continue to flourish and flow like the rivers in the Colorado Mountains.


Venue: @pineyriverranch

Planning & Design: @_urbaneventsco

Catering: @cowboycatering_colorado

HMU: Yovana

Photo/Video: @shutterfreek

DJ: @seamlessentertainment

Florist: @priveeventdesign

Desserts: @cornerscholcolat

Rentals: @tentsandevents

Transportation/Hotel: @engagedsourcing @peak1express

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