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My Top Three Favorite Mountain Venues in Colorado

Piney River Ranch (Vail, CO)

Piney River Ranch is one of my favorite in Colorado. Although you must drive 45 minutes on a dirt road to the river from Vail, it is well worth the wait and bumpiness. The lake is surrounded by high Rocky Mountain peaks, glamping tents and canoes. One of my favorite characteristics about the space was that it was completely secluded with zero reception so you could completely submerge yourself and very much feels like a true Colorado Mountain highlanders. Photo: Shutterfreek

North Star Gatherings (Idaho Springs, CO)

North Star Gatherings is strategically places on top of a high-mountain-top in Idaho Springs. A modern cabin nestled on a switch-back dirt road, this beautiful venue has views you wouldn’t believe. You feel completely secluded when in reality you are only approximately 45 minutes outside of the suburbs of Denver. The ceremony deck is strategically placed west so when the orange-pink sunsets fill the sky, each and every guest grabs their phones to take a photo they will forever keep.

Photos: Grace Gatto

Surf Hotel

Nestled in one of our favorite small towns in the mountains of Colorado lands Buena Vista and the Surf Hotel. Why we love this spot so much? Well, the beauty of the venue is one-of-a-kind. The cobblestone building reminds you of The French Quarters in New Orleans with 360 views of mountains all around you. Colorado is known as a Top 3 destination location for weddings due to it’s placement in the USA. Buena Vista would be my number 1 location for weddings due to the fact that each wedding, guests come in from all over and you get everyone in one small town. Restaurants, bars, Colorado outdoorsman activities and more.

*I would say the only struggle with all 3 of these locations will be hotel and transportation accommodations, costing couples quite a bit in their budget as well as logistics. But that’s where we come in! Hey, its Colorado; for the views, people will take planes, trains, buses, and shuttles to celebrate you getting married to your best friend!


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