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Who, What, and Why do I Need a Day of Coordinator?

A Day-of Coordinator or “DOC” is someone that you have hired to oversee that your wedding day is executed perfectly. They are the buffer between you, your venue, and your vendors on your big day. They are your advocate for the day—your eyes, your ears, and your voice. I think we are all aware that most of the time something does not go as planned during a highly hectic day, but the DOC is there when challenges arise and come up with a solution on the spot. Very rarely will you see your DOC on the actual day itself, but they are behind the scenes communicating the details you so vigorously planned before the wedding.

Here at Urban Events, we have day-of coordination included in all our packages, but if you are just wanting a DOC, we do offer what is called our 60 Days Out package. This is perfect for a couple who has pretty much everything planned and just needs help with making everything happens according to plan on the day itself. You should expect your DOC to be very in-tune with your vision and understand what is most important to you on your big day. This happens with lots of communication and understanding. We believe when looking for a DOC, to make sure you vibe with this person. It is important to feel a connection to make sure they are going to deliver everything you dreamed of. When hiring a DOC, you should look out for the following characteristics:

1. Timeliness

2. Assertive

3. Problem solver

4. Ability to think on their toes.

5. Creative

6. Communicative

7. Team Player

Before choosing a planner, thing of some things that are most important to you and your fiancé for your wedding day. Some examples are, “no stress, lots of fun, order and timeliness.”

The DOC can also assist in finding last minute vendors due to the connections that they have in the local wedding community. A coordinators’ network is endless, so let them know if you need any help! That is what they are there for.

Here at Urban Events, we begin to work with you on the extensive timeline about two months, or 60 days, before the event itself. One month before your wedding, your venue of choice will require you to have a 30-day walkthrough. The more people you bring the better but usually the key people there will be you & your fiancé, venue coordinator (much different than DOC), caterer, and DOC. This gives them the chance to visualize your wedding and figure out the logistics of all moving parts. It is a team effort for your wedding day to happen so make sure everyone knows their role! This is a critical part of your planning process because it will allow the vendors, the chance to tailor the draft timeline as needed. Your DOC will then use this incredibly detailed timeline on the day of your wedding to ensure that everything happens in a timely matter, all vendors understand their roll and what is happening next, and so much more.

Now, to give you some realistic expectations, timeline may shift about 10-20 minutes in either direction but it is fine. You know why? Because, specifically here at Urban Events, we always build in a buffer time for this exact reason.

We believe that everyone should have a DOC because we want all the guests (especially those closest to you) to enjoy your wedding, including mothers, sisters, bridesmaids, and the Maid of Honor. Why? ‘Cause they are extremely busy on the day too believe it or not.

Here at Urban Events, we offer day- of coordination services starting at $1800. This includes the following:

· Five (5) in-person/virtual meetings

· vendor recommendations

· extensive day-of timeline (60 days prior)

· venue walkthrough (one month prior) with caterer and venue coordinator

· seating chart assistance

· set up & break down support

· rehearsal (day before) *if local

· up to 10 hours of day-of coordination with assistant for over 100 guests

Reach out today to find out more in depth what is included in your day of package!

Photo by: Cait Colorado Photo & Flim @caitsphoto

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