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What is a 30-Day Venue Walkthrough?

A 30-Day Venue Walkthrough is a very essential part of making sure your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible. At this meeting you should make sure your wedding coordinator and caterer are in attendance. If there is a part of the wedding that is custom, you may want to invite that vendor as well. The venue coordinator will be leading the meeting to ensure that all the venues rules and policies will be followed and to make sure all your details are addressed. The walk through helps everyone envision how the big day will go, from beginning to end.

From my experience, these are the 3 most important topics to go over in this meeting:

1. Décor sets the mood. It tells a story of your love and style. From the flowers to the customized signage, to the arch that was made for you. Your florist will be there to go over how the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception will be decorated, so on the day of it will be executed in the appropriate fashion. This is also where the caterer will go over your linen and glassware selections one last time to ensure that you have what you want for the big day.

2. The flow of the day is very important. Your wedding coordinator should have the

timeline of your wedding day, which all your vendors will receive before the big day. This will ensure everyone knows where to be and what to do. Have the venue coordinator walk you through where guests will come in, where will they exit to enjoy cocktail hour, where photographs will be captured, and most importantly where the bride and bridal party will enter.

3. Time of Deliveries is crucial. During this meeting, all the delivery times should be discussed to make sure that all vendors will arrive with enough time for possible error and set up. Most of these will be established before the meeting which is great!

How to Prepare for the walk through:

1. Have your final head count

2.Décor selection is solid

3.Come with a lot of questions

4. Bring a copy of the timeline ( the planner will most likely have extra copies)

Lastly, remember to have fun, relax, and enjoy!

Photo by: Matthew Specks Photography

Venue: Skylight.828

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