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Wedding Coordinator Attire Ideas

On the day of the wedding, we want to be able to blend in with the guests but, also have the presence of a vendor. Majority of the vendors will always be in black, which is why I do believe it has become an industry standard of coordinators to also adopt the black wardrobe. Michele and I have decided that there is nothing wrong with a little pop of color! What you wear to your weddings may also be a directive from the happy couple; after five, all black, etc. This is a question that should be asked about 30 days before the wedding just to make sure you have time to purchase your outfit.

While shopping for the perfect coordinator outfit, please keep in mind that your day could have unexpected turns, where you may have to climb a ladder or be on your knees to adjust something. Make sure your materials, especially bottoms have a little stretch in them…. trust me, this will make or break your day! When it comes to shoes, please make sure they are broken in because you are on your feet for 8-10 hours and you do not want to have blisters. Flats are always a great go to or a cute bootie for the fall or spring seasons.

Some staples for your coordinator wardrobe:

- Black Blazer

- Black Button Down

- 2-3 Shirts with Color

- Shirt Dresses with Belts

- Jumpsuits

- Ankle Pants

With these few staples, you will be able to make so many different combinations while also, being able to add your own personality to your outfit. I hope these ideas help some of our fellow coordinators and below you will find some store recommendations.

Happy Shopping!

New York & Company (Online Only)

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