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Top 5 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

It can be overwhelming to think about what to do after that crazy moment of the love of your life getting down on one knee, declaring their love for you and asking you to be their forever partner. You have thought about it since you were little person. You have thought about it through the heartaches, the breakups, through the rom-coms with wine asking yourself "when will it be me?" Well, IT HAPPENED! Yessssss! It is all going to be okay and the family you always wanted is going to happen. But what do you do after you get engaged? Some people call everyone they know. Some people bask in the glory for a few months. Either way, I have 5 MUST-DO'S before the planning of your wedding day really begins.

1. Celebrate!

He or she just proposed and you said “YES”. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I know you want to post on all your social media outlets- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace circa 2005. I know. I know. Breathe. This is happening. But, it’s important to do one thing before the celebration with all the loved ones begin. Celebrate with your fiancé. Pop a bottle of Champagne, grab some dinner. You will be caught up in all of the wedding planning in the days to come. Take a minute to celebrate your future.

2. Let Them Know!

Hopefully you’ve taken a day or two to celebrate. Now, you have permission to share the news! Call your sister, brother, mother, father, best friend, dog, cat, beta fish, Santa Claus, the raccoon that goes through your trash can every Tuesday. Post that beautiful ring on all your social media outlets, if you so desire.

3. Set the Theme & Budget

Not the whole theme. Just a general idea of what you and your partner want for your wedding. Traditional or non-traditional? Big or small? Elopement, local or destination? Budget is going to put those things into perspective as well. Figuring out your wedding priorities and the rest will start to fall into place.

4. Find your squad

They’re your besties for a reason, right? You’re going to need advice. You’re going to need support. Don’t worry about being a burden! You’re not. They want to help.

5. Hire a coordinator!

Okay. We may be a little bias but what a difference a coordinator can make. A coordinator can take a stressful gathering and make it effortless. While, of course, you will need to communicate your ideas, visions, budget and everything in between, a coordinator can help with the design, flow and overall management of everyone involved. The last thing you want is for someone in your family to take the tasks of errands and chores for your wedding.

And of course, who NEEDS the stress of a wedding? No one. Besides a coordinator. They are PAID to plan so that there is no stress. Chances are if you hire a coordinator, they actually truly love what they do and are built for it. Sit back and enjoy your engagement. Trust me, it's totally worth it.

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