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How to have the Perfect Post-Pandemic Wedding

We have all had a hell of a year in 2020, due to the unforeseen pandemic that shook the wedding industry like we have never seen before. Now, in 2021, and the pandemic has subsided, what are some ways to ensure that you will have a safe and successful wedding. Well, here are some tips just for you!

Pick a venue that has indoor and outdoor space. Even though the mask mandate has been lifted, a lot of your guests still may want to have socially distance seating or the option to go outside during the reception to enjoy the fresh air. This type of venue is also great when it comes to hosting a cocktail hour and photos! The fresh air will keep the indoor part of the venue cool, so you and your guests can dance until the night ends!

Make a guest list of everyone you want to be there. This list should include all of the people that are supportive of your union and would be honored to be a part of your special day, but please, keep your budget in mind! Before the pandemic you would normally expect 10-15% of invited guests not to come. Since everyone has been socially deprived, it is unpredictable!

Send out your invitations well in advance. This is super important when it comes to vendors who need final headcounts. For the guests who would love to be there but, cannot for health purposes or just being extra cautious; offer a live stream video option on your invitation. This is something new but a great idea to ensure that everyone that wants to support you will be able to!

Set Expectations for your bridal party, guests, and vendors. Due to everyone being on different comfortability levels when it comes to COVID-19, I would recommend you have masks and sanitizer at the entrance of your venue to ensure that all of your guests feel comfortable at your wedding. Another great place for hand sanitizer would be your guest book and cards table and the buffet line, if you have one. If there will be an open bar only allow 3-5 people to stand in line at one time, to ensure distance between everyone.

Seat people with others whom they have been around during the pandemic. Without being in all of your guest’s health history and asking everyone if they have been vaccinated. This will be a good way to help guests feel comfortable during the reception. The bridal party should sit with each other and immediate families sit with each other as well. I have seen this at a couple of my weddings and it ensured that everyone would be safe, comfortable, and ready for a party!!

Venue: The Manor House

Photo by: Callie Elizabeth Riesling

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